Global Response to COVID-19

As the world of medical supplies moves ever quicker, GMP continues to work diligently in ensuring our customers have trustworthy, efficient partners to reply on in their search for immediate medical safety equipment and innovation.

Our sourcing engines have continued to pave the way into becoming a truly global network that securely meets the differing demands for our clients – be they Governmental or Institutional. GMP now has agreements with factories in Europe, Asia, and Central America producing a large portfolio of protective medical equipment – all readily reserved for our clients.

About Us

GMP offers one of the most complete lines of advanced safety-engineered products in the industry. With a team of high calibre research & development professionals whose aim is to improve existing and design new products that are required by the hospital and pharmaceutical industries, GMP strives to provide hassle-free, easy to use, top-notch quality medical-related disposable products at a competitive price.

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Our Products


1ml ~ 100ml Diposable Single Use Syringe
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Polyethylene, Cast polyethylene, Vinyl, Nitril, Latex
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OSS CARE MASK-3-25 Face mask is a 3-ply facemask with an earloop.
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Thick and absorbent with excellent particulate
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We provide the widest range of dental products.
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Master-Dent® Bite Trays and 1-2-3 Trays.
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Our Achievement

We are thankful for the supports from our valuable customers as well as the understandings and contributes from our humble staffs.


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Lastest News

December 8, 2020
New Product – KF94 Mask
KF94 mask is a Fine Dust & Hygiene Mask which...
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December 8, 2020
Differences between Surgical Mask and N95 Respirator
Face mask is essential for preventing transmission of pandemics. Most...
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November 9, 2020
WHO urges shift to single-use smart syringes
Reusing syringes leads to more than two million people being...
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November 9, 2020
We Have a Cheap, Effective Way to Keep Ourselves Safer From COVID-19. Why Mask Matters?
Why Mask Matters? At long last, we have made a...
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April 11, 2019
Safety Syringe Market
According to the World Health Organization, approximately 1.3 million people...
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April 11, 2019
RIMS nurses reuse syringes, expose patients to infection
Nurses at the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) reuse...
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April 11, 2019
Hundreds of villagers including 12 children contract HIV after unlicensed doctor reuses syringes in
Two hundred people including 12 children have been diagnosed with...
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April 10, 2019
Almost 70 patients tested for HIV and hepatitis after nurse is caught REUSING a syringe while giving
Almost 70 patients tested for HIV and hepatitis after nurse...
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