This mask is rated KN95 against China GB2626-2006 Standard. It has a Filtering Efficiency of ≥95% for non-oily particulate matter. 


It has a flat-folded design which makes it easy to carry. It is made up of four layers of

material: SBPP-Static Control Filter-MBPP-SBPP; the static control filter material can block can block particulates

in the air.


The mask also comes with ultrasonically welded earloop and a bendable nose clip that improves the sealability of the respirator on the face.

Mask-KN95-8012 is US FDA authorised non-NIOSH approved disposable filtering facepiece respirator for Covid-19 pandemic

respirator shortages.

Giko-1200H-N95 Mask

N95 - Particulate Filter (95% Efficiency Level) Effectively Against particulate aerosols free of oil; time use restrictions may apply.